ZeroPoint Global – Eating High Frequency Foods Can Improve Your Health

From a little child I have always been told to eat your fruit and vegetables because they were good for you. Mom is always right so eat my fruits and veggies I did. But I really never understood why they were good until I learned about ZeroPoint Global.

Modern Scientists can show that the human body is full of energy, vibrations, and frequencies. All forms of matter have a frequency and give off a vibration. Believe it or not, even a rock will give off a vibration or frequency. Everything gives off energy or frequencies. Scientists also confirm that energy, light, and matter are interchangeable. What does all this mean?

If everything is energy and has a frequency, then everything around us can and will effect the energy in the human body. From the food we eat, the water we drink, to the air that we breathe, it all has a frequency. There are good frequencies and bad frequencies.

ZeroPoint Global has taken this scientific research to a new level. The science behind their technology is to provide the human body with frequencies that match the frequencies found in our body and to block the bad frequencies that don’t match the frequencies of the human body.

What about the food that we eat? Understanding that everything gives off a frequency or vibration, the foods that we eat and the frequencies found in the food make all the difference to your health. If you do some research on foods that contain high frequencies guess what you’ll find? What your momma always told you, that fruit and vegetables are good for you.

Fruits and vegetables contain the highest frequencies that match the frequencies found in the human body allowing the body to maintain good health. Processed foods and many of the foods we eat in this fast paced society we live in contain the lowest frequencies. A constant diet of these low frequency foods will weaken the body’s immune system, making it more susceptible to disease and sickness. As the old saying goes, You Are What You Eat!

To maintain overall health and wellness, you need to be able to control not just the frequencies you put in your body, but also you need to control the frequencies that surround you on a daily basis.

ZeroPoint Global is about whole wellness. Not only by eating well, but protecting yourself and aiding the body to resonate at the right frequency. Just like the fruits and vegetables that we eat to help the body vibrate at the perfect frequency, ZeroPoint Global products make sure your body gets the proper food frequencies by blocking and removing the bad frequencies. They have Lasers and Discs that you can use on the food you eat that will bring your food to the frequency your body requires. ZeroPoint Global also has 100% organic oils like Mint Matrix and Citrus Silk that uses the best frequencies nature has to offer.

ZeroPoint Global helps moms by seeing that her child gets the right frequencies to maintain good health. So listen to your mom and clean up your Fruits and Vegetables!