Yours Magazine – The World is Now Yours!

Generally, when people hit 50, they sense a feeling of loneliness with no one to share what’s inside their backpack and no one to converse with. Yours magazine understands this feeling of those over 50 and gives them an opportunity to open their heart and talk about what they want.

Offering a page where readers can not only read what others have to say but also share their experiences and offer their much valued advices. With an aim to build a library that is built on the practical and tested experiences, Yours grants the option of talking about anything under the sun that readers wish to read and share.

While asking and sharing is just a part of it, the magazine, on its website, offers you several moments of joy where you browse various tips, answer several questions posted by other users, chat and socialize. Shopping for products and services, booking a holiday and entering competitions are an added advantage that the magazine brings for its valued and esteemed customers.

Be it health where experts solve readers’ the queries, beauty where various tips to fight old age and look your best are imparted; fashion that is not only suitable for those over 50s but also that is elegant and trendy, travel destinations, finance or any other issue- this is the place where you’ll find an answer to your queries and also find someone who will listen to you unconditionally.

Focusing on women and related issues, this magazine is packed with fascinating stories, news, celebrity interviews, puzzles and recipes. Being informative, this magazine is entertaining with quality content that is never compromised upon.

Presenting you the read of your life, this fortnightly aims at simplifying the lives and solving the more general, plus the less common problems faced by people specially by women in their day-to-day life.

With great bargains on overseas delivery and free delivery within UK, Yours Magazine hands out an unparalleled subscription offer.