Your Personal Health and Lifestyle Agenda Part III

Part III

The two first articles delivered essential information to create your Personal Agenda 2017. For you to fulfill your New Year resolutions and build your road to success, now you have a detailed description of how to organize and maximize your individual characteristics (Articles 1 & 2). Specific steps guided you into:

– Plan for your Personal Agenda 2017.

– Design your blueprint by selecting your objectives and evaluating them according to your level of prevention.

– Directed you in establishing your own Daily Formula based on your basic needs.

The information you collected generated the key elements necessary to effectively bring about your anticipated changes, establishing a framework to structure and implement your resolutions.


There are 24 hours a day. You need at least 7 to sleep, which leave you 17 hours to work with. You need a daily timetable with seven necessary activities and an optional one. This is a sample for you to adjust according to your personal lifestyle. You may need less time for transportation and not be raising children, which would leave you more time to schedule different necessary or optional activities; or you may need more time for transportation, which is also an opportunity to increase your physical activities by walking part of the way or biking. You may opt for less social time than 3.5 hours a week (you need at least 2 weekly) and do something else.

Daily Hours and Minutes Necessary:

Relaxation minimum 10 minutes 2x a day = 20 minutes

Work = 8 hours

Meal preparation and eating = 2 hours

Social Time = 30 minutes

Transportation = 90 minutes

Walking = 20 minutes

Children? Quality time is a must (varies) 1 hour

Bonus time = 20 minutes

Optional – Social Media = 2 hours

Total = 16 hours

Time left: 1 hour

One hour extra daily! That’s 7 hours a week! The next step coaches you to implementing your resolutions from the observations you collected in the previous steps.


Again, there is no wrong or right. However, there is a need for adjustments while you are incorporating changes into your life. This is why no time limit is recommended. Take your time and work on your resolutions. You may carry on into 2018, but you have started!

We have 4 objectives and 3 levels of prevention for each objective, making 12 resolutions. Even if you rated 1 for the first level of prevention, you have to include those objectives into your 12 resolutions. French poet Louis Aragon tells us why in his beautiful verses:”Rien n’est jamais acquis à l’homme, Ni sa force, ni sa faiblesse, ni son coeur. “

Meaning: Nothing is ever granted to man, not his strength, not his weakness, nor his heart.”

In our sample timetable, we have 7 hours a week to work on 12 resolutions. You may choose to work on one resolution at the time, or a few more, or the 12. Do you want to improve your less pressing resolution (the one you rated 1) or the most pressing one (the one you rated 3)?

Resistance, the psychoanalytic word that means putting it off, is a sign that you have issues to consider. Make your resolutions, your realities!

Those directions are general. Your personal desires, besides the ones that others or society are expecting from you, are within yourself. If you are not sure how to formulate your resolutions, the answer will come during your personal time (at least 20 minutes daily). The seed of the first stone of your success is inside you, waiting for you to make it concrete under the sun and the moon.

“The road to success is always under construction” Anonymous