Your Personal Health and Lifestyle Agenda Part II

Part II

You have purchased a journal to create your PA 2007, selected your level of prevention in function of your objectives, and observed your circadian cycle. Your Daily Formula is your guide into structuring and implementing changes.

Daily Formula

It involves five basic needs. Incorporating them into your formula is the secret to reduce, even remove, stress from your life.


As confirmed by research, it is absolutely necessary to maintain at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep daily. Plan accordingly.

Eating & Drinking

Your circadian cycle predicts the best times of the day for you to eat. As for sleeping, try to keep a regular schedule. If weight is a concern, research your daily intake of calories based on age, sex, and physical activities. Plan healthy meals according your objective (losing or gaining weight) and your personal taste. Avoid non-organic food. Some reasonably priced markets offer organic foods.

Drink water when you wake up and build up to 6-8 glasses a day. Cut off all sodas, a tough change for some, but a must! Replace with teas or lemonade. Another change requires -especially if you want to lose or not gain weight – not drinking with your main meals (lunch and dinner). If you are thirsty while you eat, a few sips of red wine (not sweet) are the best. A couple of oz. of the same wine after eating insures an easier digestion and prevents, even reduces, cholesterol. If you count calories, don’t forget to include all beverages.

Your brain needs glucose. Turbinado or raw cane sugar (daily) or dark chocolate (occasionally) is required for your memory. A teaspoon of raw sugar is only 16 calories. You may safely indulge in a couple of teaspoons with tea or coffee. A reasonable amount of naturally sweetened desserts is okay.

Personal Care Time

Personal care includes also time for you alone, besides shopping or time spent with family and friends. If you are raising children, it could be difficult, but you must for your sanity and others’. Turn off everything! If it’s important, it will be there when you are done relaxing. You need at least twice daily 10 minutes alone for relaxation; not while eating but drinking something you enjoy is okay (coffee, tea… ). Don’t forget to count the calories! Best times could be early morning? Before sleeping? In your room? In a quiet outdoors setting? Practicing or learning mindfulness would be excellent and guide you towards visualization and meditation.


Your professional activities will be evaluated later according to your level of satisfaction. Regardless of how busy, physical activities are another must. You don’t have to be a professional athlete, but you must incorporate into your schedule a minimum of physical activities. If you are a beginner, parking your car one block away is a start. Prefer stairs to elevators, when possible. The best physical activity is walking.

Social Time

Social medias are the modern expression of social activities, great to connect and re-connect. The distance between your connections and you are magically erased! Your cybernetic voyages are exciting and you can’t wait to get online. That’s great, but as long as we are still humans and not all robots yet, we need social contacts the old fashion way. Plan fun interactions with others, at least once a week. Coffee? Cheese and wine? Sports? Dancing? Art club?

Now that you are aware of the importance of your five basic needs, next, we will structure the information into your PA 2017 and plan your successful implementation.