You Need Good Health to Feel the Excitement and Joy of Your Natural Energy

I was walking my dog today after a storm had cleared out. It was near sunset and the remaining fluffy white clouds were starting to take on color. I felt the joy of what the evening offered and had fun walking and throwing Marty his ball. I felt the excitement and joy of his natural energy, thus making me feel the life coming back into me – the joy – the energy to enjoy what remains.

Good health is crucial in enjoying what Mother Nature throws you. To walk, to hike, to run through the woods, on trails, to the neighbors is a joy reserved for those who can.

But how can you enjoy it if you don’t have good health. A healthy body is crucial to having a good quality of life. And good health is critical for the more serious challenges in life. You need to be able to change directions in a split second or to help in an emergency.

Back to Marty – youth helps of course. He’s young, sprints like no tomorrow, rests or walks a few seconds to recover before giving the ball back to me for more sprinting to release his pent up energy. He is at the height of health, feeling joy in what he loves to do – retrieving the ball.

So how do we translate this to us? Well, what physical activities give us joy and energy? Well, for me, it’s hiking, walking, sprinting without falling down – to enjoy nature. I love to work out with my favorite energizing music to build up my strength to enjoy the good things in life. What about you? What active things do you like to do? What energizes you? How can you improve your quality of life to help you achieve it?

And, no, TV is not energizing. Computers certainly do not create physical energy. Most video games do not energize. There are some games that try to encourage activity, but, well…not enough to build lots of muscle to burn fat or to give you a strong and healthy body.

So what to do?

Your diet is important in giving you energy – life. Wholesome, natural healthy UNPROCESSED FOODS are best – fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats like raw nuts, avocados and olive oil and such. Water to flush toxins out of your system.

And exercise that helps strengthen your body, heart and lungs, builds muscle and burns fat. So how do you go about choosing your diet and exercise?

There are all kinds of diet and exercise programs out there. Some are more rigid than others. And some are simply unsafe and unhealthy. Certainly more than be covered here.

The Abs Truth Now connection has sifted through much of what is out there and will give you honest answers and great ideas on both exercise and diet. Follow this healthy six pack abs program for an overall strong and healthy body. Then go out and enjoy this good health to feel the joy and excitement of your natural energy and what excites you most. Your quality of life.

Be Healthy,

Renee’ Barnes-Orozco

P.S. Please check with your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise program.