Wire Fox Terrier Dog Breed – Temperament, Health Issues, Grooming and Living Conditions

Temperament: The Wire Fox Terrier is brave, bold and cheerful. This dog is affectionate and good with children. They will show great loyalty to the family and love the company of their family. This dog can is not to be trusted with non canine pets, as it has such a high instinct to hunt. They will love to go exploring and really need a good enclosed garden and to be kept on the lead when out walking.

This dog needs good socializing, when young, which will help greatly for the dog to mix and get on with other dogs. This is a dog with good intelligence and can be taught to perform tricks. They can be a dominant dog with high energy levels. If this is not released with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation they can become stressed. This dog needs to have both, full walks, and their mental energy to be used daily.

This dog needs a firm 100% consistent owner that has good leadership qualities to enable this dog not to take over the role and develop small dog syndrome. If they do get small dog syndrome you will get behaviour issues such as dominance, guarding objects, jealousy, and excessive barking along with separation anxiety. This doesn’t have to happen, and it can be sorted by the owner meeting the dog’s natural instincts and becoming stable, firm and above all else consistent with firm rules to follow. This dog really needs good daily walks, as they burn up energy helping the dog to be calmer.

Health issues: Epilepsy is quite common in the Wire Fox Terrier and there are a few, more minor concerns, so check with the breeder.

Grooming: For the wire fox terrier a good weekly brushing is all that is required, if it’s only a pet dog. If you wish to show the dog, more care is needed. Stripping the dogs’ coat a few times a year, but there is a complicated show grooming routine.

Living conditions: The Wire Fox Terrier will do fine in an apartment if given the right amount of exercise daily.