What Type of Facility Needs Healthcare Insurance?

If you are part of the ever-growing array of healthcare facilities, you already know that your liability risks are great. You also realize that your exposure to liability demands a specialized commercial insurance policy. With the industry at the crossroads of expansion and modernization, you need tailored risk management answers that work with any protective coverage as well.

Speaking to an experienced independent insurance agency will give you the clarity you require to best make decisions in procuring an appropriate related plan up to the limits that are available for your particular line – both in the business aspect as well as the commercial auto aspect.

Healthcare Insurance Options – You need them if you are:

• a home healthcare agency

• a hospice facility

• a medical staffing company

• a lithotripsy center

• a student health center

• a dialysis center

• an imaging facility

• a physical, occupational, or speech therapy center

• a county health department

• a medical school for doctors

• A dental center

• An ambulatory surgery center

• A community health center

• A rehabilitation facility

• A mental health center

• A medical or dental clinic

• A lab

• A pharmacy

• A cancer treatment center

• An optical company

• A durable medical equipment enterprise

• A blood bank

• A non-emergency transportation company

• A dieting center

• A health and wellness center

• A correctional health care facility

• A fertility center

• A stem cell therapy center

• A telemedicine facility

• A genetic, DNA, or forensic testing site

• A sleep disorder or sleep apnea clinic

• A humanitarian medical relief organization

• A related medical institution

Aside from standardized coverage, the healthcare industry can benefit from the following plan options:

• Management protection liability, employment practices liability, fiduciary liability and fidelity and private as well as not for profit organization crime insurance

• Healthcare privacy and network security liability

• Healthcare premises pollution liability insurance

• Property insurance coverage

• Mid-size and large construction project builders risk insurance

• Commercial automobile coverage

Of course, your ultimate decision in procuring the right type of coverage should also weigh in with the financial strength of the company. Your healthcare institution should choose between the offered protective plans based on fiscal stability as well as the terms presented. In addition, your team should determine if the related business policy is backed by an experienced staff that highlights customer service and comprehends the distinctiveness and thorny challenges intertwined specifically with your industry. After all, in the best case scenario, the insurance company that you choose will end up being your long-term partner for time to come and that certainly means a lot.