What Dosage of COQ10 is Sufficient to Maintain Good Health?

The question of what dosage of coq10 is sufficient for any health problem or simply for health maintenance is one that has been difficult for scientists to answer. The main reason for the difficulty has to do with bioavailability.

The bioavailability of a drug or a nutritional supplement has to do with the amount of that reaches the bloodstream when the compound is taken orally. Coenzyme Q10 has a relatively low bioavailability, which has led to the use of doses as high as 200-300mg per day in clinical studies.

Although no toxic effects have been seen after taking these high daily doses, the safety of their continued use has not been established. Some nutrients are known to be toxic at high doses. In laboratory studies, some antioxidants have been shown to cause oxidation, at high doses.

On the other hand, too little coenzyme Q10 in the bloodstream indicates too little in the heart, organs and muscles. Without adequate amounts of the antioxidant, the muscles and organs will die, including the heart.

It is for heart failure and cardiovascular problems that most of the research concerning the antioxidant has been conducted. While the results appear to be positive, it is still important to find out what dosage of coq10 is sufficient, because it is possible that too much of it could place undue stress on the heart cells.

In someone with chronic heart failure, the few functioning cells have enough stress to deal with. Placing more stress on them could cause them to fail, which would, of course mean death.

If efforts are made to enhance the bioavailability of the nutrient, high doses are unnecessary. A low bioavailable dose will have no ill effect. Other nutrients are known to enhance bioavailability. Lecithin is one example.

The question of what dosage of coq10 is sufficient for healthy people or those concerned about cardiovascular disease is easier to answer when the antioxidant is included in a multi-nutritional formula, rather than taken as a single-ingredient supplement. If lecithin is included in the formula 20mg per day is enough for a health person.

For someone over the age of 40, who has not always taken the best care of their health, 40mg per day for several months is suggested, followed by a maintenance dose of 20mg per day. But, there are other important nutrients for all of us and specific ones that are beneficial to the heart.

There is currently an ongoing study concerning what dosage of coq10 is sufficient for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. But, the researchers are looking at a “full spectrum” approach. Instead of focusing on a single antioxidant, they are investigating the benefits of supplementation with several different ones at the same time, on a daily basis.

The nutrients included in the investigation include coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl-cysteine, glutathione and taurine. Some of the better health supplements on the market contain all of those ingredients, along with others, in the most bioavailable form.

The current study might show exactly what dosage of coq10 is sufficient. Right now, 20mg per day is enough for maintenance, if it is included in a multi-nutritional formula, rather than taken alone.