Various Fields of Nursing

In the nursing profession, there are different fields where one can engage in. This field is broad in scope, and varies in areas of practice and exposure. Classification of the various fields the field includes:

• Community Health Nursing

• Private Duty Nurse

• Clinic Nurse

• Military Nurse

• Institutional Nursing.

Community health nursing is also known as public health nursing as these two concepts have been interchangeably used. This area though is broader in scope, and is also similar to community health which deals with the public sector where the health care provider works in health centres, public schools, and does home visits with families within the community.

Working as a community health nurse is a unique experience such that nurses gain a wider perspective with public health and the common conditions affecting the people within the community. Furthermore, there is active involvement in the implementation of public health programs by the government.

Private duty nursing involves care provided to a single patient either in a hospital or in the patient’s home. Being a private duty health care professional requires skill flexibility like operating health machines and devices and interpretation of the data it provides in monitoring the patient’s health status and vital signs.

Conducting regular, comprehensive physical assessment is also crucial since this forms the basis for delivering proper nursing interventions. Communication with the family is also very necessary as it facilitates better understanding of the patient’s condition.

Clinical nursing provides work satisfaction due to the working hours that are favorable though nurses receive salary that is slightly lower than those who work within hospitals. These professionals must possess general skills like wound dressing, answering phone calls, giving parental medications, keeping important documents, and providing health teachings to patients and their families.

In military nursing, the health care provider work with soldiers and their families, safeguarding their health and comfort. Most of the time, emergency situations are expected and the military nurse must be ready to do surgical procedures, the suturing of wounds, and providing of medications to wounded soldiers.

Different sections like the operating room and neuropsychiatry are also present and are well maintained and managed by the nurses. The salary rate is high, with good pay, overseas pay, clothing allowances, and medical benefits with this area of specialization.

Institutional nursing refers to providing care within hospitals and nursing homes. The nurse provides care from admission to discharge and follows up patients’ conditions until they are being sent home. Referrals are made to provide continuity of care. In this area, the health care provider must be competent enough to be exposed with the different sections in the hospital such as the emergency room, the operating suite, the delivery room, and the various wards.

The nursing process from assessment to documentation and evaluation is highly utilized in this area. Each field has its own uniqueness and complexity with its approach towards patient care. It depends on the individual from which the area he prefers to engage himself him, where his knowledge, skills, and attitude will be further enhanced.