Using An Affirmation List, To Address Your Personal Challenges

No two people, are exactly the same, yet, many, in their quest, to feel, they, fit – in, adopt the goals of the group, as their own! Some of these might be relevant, while others may not apply, properly, to what you need, most, to address! While there are many approaches, and possibilities, effectively, using, a well – formulated, affirmation list, is a tried – and – proven approach, which has been used, in a relevant manner, over the years. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some ways, to create, use, and improve your personal health, and well – being, by using a properly created one.

1. The Basics: Begin, by carefully considering, and pondering, in an objective, introspective, way, what you feel, you are lacking, and/ or, need to focus on, to become a better – you! This may relate, to specific issues, related to, self – confidence, how you speak/ articulate, body image matters, weight/ diet, etc. Then, remember, an Affirmation List, must be personal, and meaningful, to you, and, forces you to expand, the self – imposed, limits of your comfort zone. In addition, it must be, somewhat, focused, and limited, to approximately, ten, positively stated, actions, etc.

2. Diet and Exercise: Why do diet plans, and exercise regimes, fail so often? Why do people, have so much difficulty, maintaining these? If one wants to lose weight, the first – step, should be, to consider, weight – loss goals. Then, rather than merely putting these in unfocused statements, they should be stated, in a positive manner. For example, one should not say, I am going to lose weight, or something similar. Rather, an affirmation might be worded, I am proud of my current weight and body shape (state the weight as a number you seek, not, just what it is), and eat a healthy diet, and exercise, regularly, because it makes me feel, healthier, and happier.

3. Shy: Would you like to be, more outgoing, but, find it challenging, to overcome your tendency, to be shy? Know what you feel, would make you feel better, about yourself, and use affirmations, as a tool, along the path. For example, don’t say, I won’t be shy, anymore. Rather, state your statement, in the present and positive, such as, I enjoy meeting people, and getting to know them, because it’s interesting, and makes me better informed.

Obviously, affirmations can be used, in many areas of life. Choose the ones that matter to you, create your list, and read your affirmations, 4 or more times, per day, slowly, and in the affirmative! It will help your health, happiness, and overall, well – being!