Using a Natural Appetite Suppressant for Good Health

There are many types of appetite suppressants, ranging from fruits and vegetables, to pills and diet supplements. The best and most effective ones are those which contain natural ingredients. Using a natural appetite suppressant is the best way to achieve long-term results and good health. Natural foods that act as suppressants fall into different categories including fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean proteins, spices and liquids.

Fruits that are high in fiber, work effectively to suppress appetite. Apples are rated as some of the best fruits for suppressing appetite. They have plenty of soluble fiber and pectin, which help to produce a feeling of satisfaction. Apples also help to regulate glucose, while also boosting energy levels. The fruits are high in vitamins, nutrients, and minerals; and are also a good source of folic acid. Most green leafy vegetables are highly nutritious and help to satisfy hunger for a long time. Eating a green leafy salad containing a large amount of lettuce, celery, cabbage and cucumbers is a nutritious meal. It has all the essential minerals and vitamins necessary, while acting as a natural appetite suppressant.

Nuts are some of the most commonly overlooked products that have appetite suppressing qualities. They are readily available, and have a number of added benefits including healthy fats. Some of the best options are almonds. They are high in fiber, as well as a good source of antioxidants. Consuming the nuts between meals is very helpful. Spices like cayenne pepper help to boost metabolism and have been proven to be effective as appetite suppressants. Ginger cinnamon and caspsaicin are also very effective.

Eating lean protein like that found tuna, salmon and herring, which are high in Omega-3 fats helps to increase the blood levels of leptin. This is an appetite suppressant hormone. Apart from being highly effective in suppressing the appetite, salmon is very rich in protein. For those who do not like fish, lean chicken, when eaten in measured amounts, is also a good source of lean protein. A healthy wholesome meal is usually satisfying, and offers many benefits. It is also cost-effective and will replace the need for extra diet supplements. The healthy diet can be adopted as a life-long plan, producing results that are permanent.

Doctors and other health experts are constantly talking about the benefits of drinking plenty of liquids every day. The most effective of all liquids is water. Water, which is cheap and readily available, is by far the best appetite suppressant available. Drinking a glass of water before every meal will help to suppress hunger, while maintaining the ideal natural hydration for the body. Soda and other sugary drinks should be eliminated from the diet as they do the complete opposite.