Unexplainable Events – The Healing Miracles of Rasputin

There really are a very large number of unexplainable events surrounding our health and medical professionals. Often these healing miracles cannot be explained due to the fact that there are just too many variables present to narrow down the cause. While doctors are in a profession where they are expected to know so many things it does not mean that they know everything.

It is also true that there are always new developments in the medical communities everyday. So it can be very hard to keep up with all that is involved in any given medical field of expertise. As one new development arrives it can compel changes in other relating areas. They are recent discoveries that Botanists are now looking for nerves in plants.

Medical professionals nowadays have a much brighter look considering metaphysics and positive energies or thinking when it comes to an option of treatment. It is now commonplace and always discussed as an addendum the standard treatments in current use.

In Russia, there was a healer with the name of Rasputin who could unexplainably heal a young boy of some serious and terminal illness. This is a documented fact in history, by countless people. This man was of such powerful healing abilities that on more than one occasion when called for(by the royal family) he would simply walk into the room and walk out and the boy, on the brink of death, would all of a sudden get up. He would be well again.

This man Rasputin healed countless people and was reportedly shot, poisoned, run through with a sword, and still lived. He was eventually killed by a member of Russian Royalty for his activities with married women. Rasputin loved alcohol and was not known for discretion concerning married women. Aside from all the unexplainable events surrounding his death, his healing abilities were unexplained as well.

His entire life was something of a mystery. He was religious and promiscuous. Well known but lived on the street like a bum. He is also said to have one of the largest penises ever and its on display in the museum of natural history is Switzerland I believe.