Uncircumcised Penis Myths: Get the Facts Straight

A man with an uncircumcised penis in the U.S. gets a raw deal in many ways, at least when it comes to common conceptions about what he’s packing. There are many great things about having foreskin, but cultural myths have influenced opinions about penile hygiene and aesthetics that give the sheath a bad rap. But so long as a man practices routine penis care, his tool is likely not only healthy, but quite lovely to behold, foreskin and all. Getting to that realization requires dispelling the misconceptions that lead one to regard his natural skin as unsightly or unclean.

Myth #1: Smegma is dirty.

While it is true that smegma, the white substance that forms beneath the foreskin, can trap bacteria and lead to odors and infection, this situation is easily manageable. A man generally just needs to retract the sheath in the shower and gently wipe the stuff away with his wet fingers. Men who produce a lot of smegma may benefit from wiping it away a few times a day outside the shower as well.

Myth #2: Most guys are cut.

While this is true in the U.S. – about 75% of American men are snipped – worldwide the situation is the different. Only one-third of men around the world are circumcised.

Myth #3: Women hate foreskin.

Women’s preferences cannot be generalized in this way. It is true that some women espouse negative views of the prepuce, but this is likely due to the same misconceptions that lead men to frown upon the layer of skin. Some women actually enjoy it – the process of retracting the foreskin with the hand or lips can be a thrilling extra step, kind of like a strip tease for the head of the penis!

Myth #4: There are clear health benefits of circumcision.

Actually, major health organizations disagree on whether there are enough benefits of circumcision to recommend it. In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) made a push to endorse the practice of circumcision; however, the American Academy of Pediatrics disagrees.

Myth #5: Foreskin is ugly.

Says who? It’s important here to understand that conceptions of beauty don’t form in a vacuum. Culture and the images we commonly see (think: porn) influence how we perceive things. This can certainly be a difficult influence to combat, but it is possible. It is not necessary to compare oneself to men in adult videos. Think of the foreskin for what it is: skin. What’s ugly about skin?

Myth #6: There are no benefits to foreskin.

Foreskin provides natural lubrication to the penis, which can be a boon when masturbating or having sex. Also, sliding it over the head during masturbation can provide extra pleasure. Some research suggests that foreskin may improve sensitivity of the head by protecting it from constant friction, but there are also research results to the contrary. Likewise, some researchers think smegma contains anti-bacterial properties, while others disagree.

Men with foreskin have nothing to be ashamed of. Since cultivating positive body image and self-confidence is important for both mental and sexual health, it benefits a man to dispel misconceptions about his body and appreciate what he has.

A man can show his penis appreciation by not only washing it regularly, but using a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) as part of his daily routine. Applying this product after showering can help combat issues with dry skin and/or unwanted odor that some men experience. Vitamin A is a great ingredient to seek out, as it has anti-bacterial properties that can help fight infections and odors. Shea butter and vitamin E are important as well, as they are gentle natural moisturizers. Thinking fondly of one’s endowment is nice, but actually treating it kindly as well is best.