Top Key Tips on How to Earn a Medical Assistant Certificate

Although Medical assistants (MA) are not compulsorily required to be licensed, but the number of certified MA’s have increased significantly today because most employers wanted to hire MA which are certified before they are allowed to perform specific job tasks such as performing x-rays, drawing blood or perform injections.

Obtaining the MA certification will add value to anyone who is serious about pursuing his career in the medical field, one of it being Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). CMAs are highly preferred by employers since their credibility is proven as it has been certified by the Certifying Board of American Association of Medical Assistants (AMMA) which is equivalent to the gold standard of MA professionalism.

Wondering if everyone knows what is the appropriate way to get a CMA to be qualified as a professional medical assistant?

Here are a few key steps on how to earn your MA certification with ease:

1.First, you need to be graduated from an accredited medical assisting school that is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools or the commission on Accreditation of Allied Health education program.

2.Secondly, you have to register for the coming CMA Certification Examination. Prepare and submit all the necessary documentation and enrollment fee for your Examination Application AAMA will inform on your application status within the next 45 days. Once your application has been approved, you will receive instructions on how to make the necessary appointment for your examination schedule. This test is administered by the Certifying Board of the AAMA.

3. Once your application is confirmed, the next crucial part is to pass your exam. Cover the content outline provided by the CMA Certification Exam and review how the exam format looked in past examination. These will definitely be helpful in increasing your chances of passing the exam later!

4. This certification is also based on the number of program hour one has completed as well as the necessary course content. To become CMA certified, the courses usually consist of at least 760-900 hours of classroom work and internship. CMA requires an internship to become certified.

5. At the same time, seek for any related medical job opportunities which can add value in area of study by gaining experiences, jobs such as interviewing patients, drawing blood, prescriptions preparations or any general tasks which are of assistance to the doctor.

6.Equipped yourself in a variety of medical topics such as Medical Insurance, first aid, pharmacy, physiology, anatomy, medical terminology and transcription, x-ray technology will inevitably help to furnish yourself better to get the MA certificate.

7. Search for available medical financial aids, student loan, scholarship or grants and even educational subsidy which are sponsored by the State health ministry to further encourage the development of medical assistant professionals to fulfill the up-rising demands in this medical space.