The Power of the Protein Shake – Can it Help Me Achieve Better Health and Wellness?

The Power of the Protein Shake

As health care costs continue to rise and the baby boomer generation heads in to retirement, interest in health and nutrition continues to grow. Protein shakes are one of the ways that more and more people are turning to as a way to boost their energy, lose some weight or increase their daily performance at work and at play.   But with so many choices, which do you choose and what makes them different? And the big question – – – Do they really HELP? 

What follows is some information that can help you decide if protein shakes can help you…


Protein Shakes: What are they?

Our bodies use protein as one of the main building blocks. They are use to build our muscles, bones, skin and many other tissues. Protein Shakes are a quick way to supply the body with this necessary life ingredient. In the past Protein Shakes were used most often by athletes and workout enthusiasts. The shakes come in many different combinations with varying percentages of protein, carbohydrate, and fat levels.  From all protein to mostly carbohydrates with a little added protein and fat, Protein shakes come in all shapes and sizes and even many different flavors. They can also be purchased ready to drink or in a powder form that you mix yourself.


Protein Shakes: What are the Benefits? 

While Protein Shakes are safe for pretty much anyone they are mostly used by athletes to help rebuild muscle and speed up recovery after a rigorous workout. But more and more these drinks are being used by other segments of our society as meal replacements to help lose weight and as a way to get propler nutrition in our processed food filled lifestyles.  

According to the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition), protein shakes are a safe way to ensure enough protein, when used as part of a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. This goes against the previous view that protein shakes can be harmful to your bones or kidneys.


Other benefits have been demonstrated as well. A study looked at a group of intense exercisers who supplemented their diet with protein, carbohydrates, and fat (basically a protein shake). They had fewer infections, less heat exhaustion, and less muscle soreness. Some protein shakes may also help with weight management and some women’s issues such as menopause as well. Research is continuing on these many important issues. 

Protein Shakes: Do you need them?


It is recommended that you get around 45 to 56 g of protein per day depending on your weight. Pretty much everyone can get this amount if they eat the right foods. The big word is IF. While it is usually just vegetarians and people who are fasting that should have to worry, many people do not eat a balanced diet. As I High School teacher I often see teenagers with a coke and chips as their main meal at school. And many of us skip breakfast as we run out the door or consider Starbucks or the vending machine a suitable alternative to a “real” meal. 

SO, while it is not difficult to get the required protein in a balanced diet, a balanced diet is not always the case in our busy lives. This is especially true if you do any sort of regular exercise and even more so if it is intense exercise. 

 People who exercise regularly do need more energy. They also need more protein. Your protein intake needs to go up from 0.34 g per pound of body weight to 0.64 g for aerobic exercisers to as much as 0.9g per pound for strength athletes. Even adding mild exercise into your weekly routine can increase your bodies need for protein


Taken with the fact that many of us don’t eat a balanced diet containing enough protein, Protein Shakes are a good way to supplement your diet and improve your overall health and wellness.


The exact amount of protein your body needs depends on many factors including weight, exercise routine and even such things as energy level and carbohydrate intake. 


Protein Shakes: Do I need it and How do I choose the RIGHT one?


There are many good reasons to add a protein shake to your diet but deciding which one to take can be a scary task. The shelves of the local health food and workout stores are full of choices. So how do I choose?


Protein Shakes can vary widely in the amount of protein they contain as well as the type of protein and the various other ingredients.  

For athletes, a protein that allows for repair and recovery of muscles is key. Proper nutrition is vital to maximizing the effectiveness of a workout and getting protein and the right kind of carbs combined can help achieve this goal. The right Protein Shake can even help regulate insulin levels to improve glycogen storage and build lean muscle tissue..

For those trying to lose weight, a different mix of ingredients is called for. One higher in protein and has fewer carbs. Get one that is low glycemic to retain normal blood sugar levels and sustain energy so you don’t get those hunger pangs of energy drops that cause you to run for the snack machine or caffeine boost. 


For those of us in the middle who workout some and want to maintain our weight or just lose a little a good well balanced protein can help to maintain energy and keep our bodies healthy even though we don’t eat a perfect diet. Life is here to live and depriving ourselves of every little indulgence just isn’t worth it in my book. Supplements are my way of living healthy and not giving up everything that makes life enjoyable. A good choice of protein shake is Soy Protein. Soy Protein Shakles are a delicious way to give your body the fuel it needs and be heart healthy. It gives your body a measurable energy lift. 

Protein Shakes: Is there a Difference in Shakes and Proteins? 

Protein shakes can contain different types of protein including Milk, Whey, Soy, Egg and Casein. The source of the protein can affect how your body reacts. And the way the protein is purified and the shake is produced during the manufacturing process can have a HUGE affect on the protein and your body absorbs and uses it. 

Figuring out what you need is only half the battle. Getting a safe and effective product that has been clinically tested and is proven to work is how you win the war. 

Find the right company who takes the time to do the research and not jump at every risky trend that hits the market.  

I mean the goal of taking supplements was to increase our health and wellness. If I wanted to just take any old product, why would I take the time and effort to even take supplements. I can have so-so health and energy without the supplements.