The Essential Action, For Better Health And Happiness: Get HELP!

Nearly everyone claims, he would like to be happier and healthier, than he is, yet few, get to the point, where they are happiest and healthiest! Some focus on some material achievement, such as getting wealthier, or achieving some job – related achievement. Others tend to fall – back on, what I refer to, as, terminal excusitis, which is the tendency, of many, to avoid doing certain things, no matter how much, you should, and it would benefit you. This procrastination tends to achieve little, other than, merely, putting off, doing, what you need to do, in order to progress, with greater health and happiness! While, very few, can achieve this objective, by themselves, most of us, need, at least, a little HELP, from either, your friends, relatives, or certain professionals. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it’s so essential, to progressing through life, towards a greater degree of health and happiness.

1. Health; happiness; healing; heart; hearing: Many of us, believe we have some type of calling, and battle, between what we are hearing, and perhaps, what our heart, says to us! What we do, to enhance our personal healing, often differentiates between, a great degree of dysfunction, and additional personal health and happiness! However, it is essential, to strive forward, towards doing what’s best for you, and realizing, we all need some help, from someone, many times, throughout our lives. Those, who suffer from depression, anxiety, addictions (actual and/ or potential; active or inactive), must speak to qualified health professionals, trusted, knowledgable friends and relatives, and others, who might direct them, and/ or assist them, in helping themselves!

2. Endurance; excellence; enrich; effort; effective: Don’t let others’ definition of excellence, force you, to be a follower, rather than striving to being the happiest, and healthiest, you can possibly be! Enhancing your results, often requires extreme commitment, and personal endurance, to proceed, step – by – step, every day. What might you do, to enrich your experiences, so you consider your actions, to be more effective? Will you dedicate your efforts, in your personal, best interests?

3. Listen; learn; lessons: Never assume, but proceed forward, by effectively listening, to your alternatives and options, and learning, the path, for you, to proceed on! Those who consider, life’s experiences, to be lessons, and consistently, learn from every conversation and experience, have the best possibilities of becoming happier and healthier!

4. Priorities; planning; process; path: Are your personal priorities, those you might seek and prefer? How much time, and energy, will you dedicate, to effectively planning, towards your future happiness, and health, and will you proceed, forward, with a logical, well – considered, process? Will you take the path, you consider, at the moment, to be, of least resistance, or, will you take, the one, less traveled (but which is best for you, in the long – term)?

The Beatles sang, HELP, I need somebody, and each of us, truly does! Will you face the facts, listen to those who are knowledgable and helpful/ caring, and become your own, best friend?