The Different Types of Medical Intuitive Readings, Intuitive Diagnosis and Intuitive Body Scans


The field of Medical Intuition was founded by Caroline Myss and Norm Shealy, MD. Medical intuition is used for the intuitive diagnosis of the body’s energy field. It is also used to complement and expand upon the information provided by a medical professional.

An intuitive medical body scan is generally described as the intuitive assessment that gathers information about your physical and emotional energy systems.

There are several forms of medical intuitive scans. A medical intuitive scan can present a single energy perspective such as your emotional issues, or a multi level evaluation of all your systems.

A medical intuitive health assessment or reading occurs when the practitioner tunes into the client’s energy field. He answers questions and gives opinions from the intuitive information he “receives,” without actually looking at or into the cells of an organ et al. The practitioner also offers intuitive suggestions for your health issues. As an example, Louise Hayes of Hay House has two medical intuitives, Dr. Mona Lisa Shultz and Caroline Sutherland who provide intuitive readings.

An intuitive Body Scan reviews the client’s energy field and physical systems by intuitively evaluating the generalized overall energy patterns and the “feel” of those energy patterns. The practitioner reports their intuitive overview, evaluates the client’s condition and addresses health issue questions without going into minute detail by actually seeing the tissue, bones, nerves, et al.

They perceive the overall bioenergy field and note imbalances within that field. This is a great method for a yearly check up because it can compare last year’s impressions with the current ones. This is similar to a doctor taking general blood work, having annual tests and x-rays. Many Reiki and other energy medicine practitioners use this method.

MIDI – Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Imaging™ is a new medical intuitive diagnostic field. The generic name for this process is called X ray vision body scanning. It’s the process of how to see inside a body to interpret the bioenergy patterns that identify and diagnose past, current and future diseases and health issues. It takes “inner vision,” the term coined by Barbara Brennan, to an advanced level of detailed images.

The MIDI process is a very precise head to toe, front to back, over and under, 360 degree look inside the body. By examining each energy layer pattern in a specific area slice by slice, the practitioner can learn to identify and interpret what created or is creating the cumulative effect that becomes the physical disorder. A MIDI reading generates an incredibly accurate location, size and detailed description of each issue. MIDI determines the medical urgency associated with each illuminated health issue, in addition to providing a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation along with a future prognosis. A MIDI consultation also supplies suggestions for ongoing health management, medications, treatments and procedures from its database.

There is no difference in results whether the MIDI is performed onsite or remotely for a client who is in a different location. How long does a MIDI take? A full MIDI on a healthy person or a mini MIDI usually takes about 2 hours of evaluation. An average client with health issues and disorders usually takes 4 to 6 hours.

A typical MIDI takes 3 sessions, each about 2 hours long versus a 60 minute reading.

What’s the value of Medical Intuition? Medical intuition allows your body to provide invaluable information about what is going on. Medical intuition supports patient advocacy, second opinions and expands the patient’s holistic evaluation. Other values:

• It SAVES TIME! in catastrophic or trauma injury, critical or intensive care or emergency medicine situations.

• It can be performed from a distant location.

• Clarifies physical health and emotional issues and identifies critical disease areas or other energy imbalances.

• Identifies disease locations, determines the extent and severity of your body’s disorder from a 360 degree energy view.

• Determines the “urgency” of your physical situation.

• Can continuously monitor the client’s condition on site or at a distance.

• Has no side effects and is non invasive.

• Can confirm medical test results.

• Can be used in conjunction or in comparison with your current MRIs, PETs, MUGAs, CT Scans and X rays, et al.

• Can identify areas that have not yet become detectable by traditional medical examinations or testing. This information can assist you in making decisions about your medical treatment, and health care.

• Can provide information about future health issues.

All medical intuitive assessments are an invaluable tool. By identifying the causes of your current symptoms, a person can possibly prevent future health events or keep health issues, disorders or conditions from manifesting into physical dis-ease.