5HTP Side Effects

5HTP, a natural health supplement, has shown itself to be generally safe during the past forty years of scientific testing. 5HTP seems to be tolerated better by a larger number of people than its pharmaceutical cousins, the SSRI antidepressant medications like Prozac and Paxil.

Of course, nothing is completely without side effects so anyone taking 5HTP needs to be alert to the possible side effects.

5HTP has been tested enough to reveal a distinct pattern of side effects. The most common side effect of 5HTP treatment is intestinal or stomach upset. This is because about 90% of the serotonin in your body is actually not in your brain, but in your intestines.

Among other things, serotonin helps regulate the involuntary contractions of the intestines, called peristalsis, which flush waste through your system. Your intestines are loaded with serotonin so any changes in levels can affect this entire process.

Specifically which … Read More

Treatment For Sarcoidosis – All You Need to Know and Some Exciting News

Treatment for sarcoidosis has been a matter of controversy for decades. Is it possible that science made zero progress with this disease for such a long time. Well, by the end of this article we will look into some exciting news in the field.

Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease characterized by granulomas (small rounded outgrowths made up of blood vessels, cells and connective tissues) that can produce many different symptoms. It is generally a chronic disease, lasting for several years or a lifetime.

This article will look into the standard treatment for sarcoidosis and then into some exciting news in the field of alternative treatment options.

Since there haven’t been any major breakthroughs in research, the treatment that the modern medicine uses has not changed much for a very long time.

Treatment for sarcoidosis – Standard options

Being an autoimmune disease, the treatment of sarcoidosis is aimed at suppressing … Read More

‘Sounds Of Silence’ For Cancer Cure Deafening

The Major News Media missed reporting a breakthrough treatment for the prevention of cancer. Why? Is it because this breakthrough isn’t a drug but a simple inexpensive multivitamin with folic acid that can prevent cancers up to 50%? If it were a pharmaceutical that achieved such astounding results it would be in all the news reports on television and newspapers. Is it because there is a bias against vitamins and nutrition which are non-drug treatments or because there is no benefit for Big Pharma?

The headline in the New York Times, LA Times, etc and the sound-bite on the CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX evening news should have read:

New Major Cancer Protective Treatment – A New Breakthrough ‘Drug’ That Prevents Cancers in Children –

Unfortunately it didn’t. I Googled this study from the February 21, 2007, medical journal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and nada! The major news outlets in Canada … Read More

Doctors Are Finding Chronotherapy More Effective in Treating a Wide-range of Diseases

In a recent news piece on ABCnews.com, it was reported that “…..Many of our body’s internal processes are cyclical. There are daily patterns, like waking and sleeping, monthly patterns, like a woman’s menstrual cycle, and even seasonal patterns, like those that cause seasonal-affective disorder (SAD) during the winter months. But doctors are only recently beginning to understand these rhythms’ impact on other conditions well enough to more effectively treat their patients. The idea that medical treatments can be improved based on when they are given to a patient is called chronotherapy. And by making use of this good timing, doctors are finding that they are more effectively treating a wide-range of diseases such as asthma, arthritis and cancer, all while reducing side effects.”

According to Dr. Michael Smolensky, co-author of the book The Body Clock Guide to Better Health, “When cancer medications are given in a chronobiological manner, patients may … Read More

The Environment Affects Health

 More about environment. It not only affects your mental health but also your physical health. Depending on what part of the environment you are talking about, it can have a great impact.

Let us talk about the wider environment. I mean about the pollution. Not only the air pollution with fine particles. There are other sources that cause pollution. Like the noise. Noise caused by all sorts of things. Like cars. Like airplanes. Like music boxes. Not all music is really good for your ears. If it is too loud, it will affect your health. Maybe it does not only affect your ears and your capacity to hear properly.

It can affect your nervous system. And it will then certainly affect your overall health. It is just a question of decibels. You do not need to turn up your speakers to full volume in order to listen to music. You … Read More

How to Choose Goji Berry Products?

Goji berries provide some excellent source of nutrition to the human body. They are available in many forms such as dried berries, juices, powders and plant seeds. One of the most popular products of the Goji fruit are the dried berries.

Goji berries are natural and hence, they need processing for human consumption. The processing includes many activities such as shaking and drying of these berries.

People who want to consume these berries in raw form may also consume them so. You can also take these berries in the form of juice. To prepare Goji fruit juice you need to soak berries in the water overnight, after which you can put them in a grinder or mixer to prepare their juice.

If you want to add some lovely flavor to the juice, then mix them with your favorite juices. You can also consume Goji juice with water as an excellent … Read More

Fixing American Health Care: Solutions, Instead Of Rhetoric!

Although, politically controversial, the American health care system, should, and must be improved, in terms of both, pricing, as well as effectiveness/ delivery! When the Affordable Care Act, was finally signed into law, by President Obama, in 2010, because, there were far too many uninsured, and/ or, under – insured Americans. However, perhaps because of the realities of politics, this legislation was flawed, and, although, costs may not have gone up, as much as they might have, otherwise, they have seemed to spiral, upward. Instead of addressing the flaws, the Republican legislators, focused on them, for apparent, political advantage. Instead of tweaking it, or introducing ideas, to make it better, and less expensive, they merely, tried to repeal it, but with nothing, better, or viable, to improve and enhance it! When Donald Trump was elected, President, in November 2016, one of his campaign promises, was, he would immediately, repeal and … Read More

Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet – The Shocking News About This Popular Diet

Can I lose weight with the Mayo Clinic Grapefruit Diet?

Many people have been searching the internet for details about this very popular diet because it has a good reputation for success. But there is one problem here. These kind of diets hasn’t been endorses, studied or even reviewed by the Mayo Clinic. The truth is, they don’t approve of these diets at all. They say it’s unhealthy and very dangerous to our health.

The Grapefruit Diet for Weight Loss

Some people calls it the May Clinic Diet, intentionally misleading people into thinking that it has a lot of value. In fact this diet only calls for eating half a grapefruit with every meal. The word mayo was suppose to mean mayonnaise, but human nature took it to another level to make it seem like the diet is more healthy and legitimate. A study was done by Dr Ken Fujioka, … Read More

Why is Eating Healthy Important?

It is indeed a basic question, “why is eating healthy important?” Put plainly, healthy eating is indispensable to developing and maintaining overall health. Even as early as life’s conception in the womb, the foods and substances that the human body absorb affect total health and well-being.

In the olden days, healthy eating was simple. Life was laid-back and farms were cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. In these demanding times, where life is lived in a hurried pace, quick-eating and fast-foods have become difficult to avoid. People eat what’s more readily available not having the time to cook and prepare healthy meals, often binging on processed and preserved foods that have a lot of chemicals and artificial substances on them.

Be reminded that what goes on inside your body dictate the state of your health because essentially you are what you eat. You are … Read More

Fioricet: Migraine Remedy Medication Or Just Another Headache?

We’ve all had garden variety headaches from time to time. Getting sleep, drinking water, or taking aspirin or Tylenol lets you squash these “tension headaches” (as doctors call them) quickly and easily.

But if you suffer from severe or chronic tension headaches, you know that headaches can take over your work and family life. A study by the American Headache Society shows that 70% of chronic headache sufferers have significant problems with daily functioning because of the headaches.

Migraine sufferers have symptoms in addition to headache; they may spend days each month in a darkened room because the pain and light-sensitivity are unbearable otherwise.

Fioricet: A New Option

Fioricet is one of the drugs that researchers have developed to manage headaches. It has been found to be effective for tension headaches. While studies haven’t shown it to be effective for migraine sufferers overall, some people with migraines seem to find … Read More