Dealing With Multi Funder Requirements

A. The Situation and its Challenges

Most nonprofit agencies receive funding from multiple sources, including:

  • Federal grants and/or contracts;
  • State grants and/or contracts;
  • Local government grants or contracts;
  • Local foundation and United Way grants;
  • National foundation grants

Each of these sources has reporting requirements. With the growing concerns about accountability, government and foundation funders are now requiring more outcome evaluation reporting from grantees and contractors. Some funders simply ask that agencies report using data they already collect, however that is becoming increasingly rare. More funders today identify specific outcomes they require. This is especially true for government funding sources in health and human services and for children and youth programs. In the case of many health and human services grants, evaluation criteria are tied to practice standards set by accreditation agencies. As a result of the growing emphasis on outcomes, many nonprofit agencies are now faced with a plethora of … Read More