Sussex County Freeholders Oppose State Board of Education Standards Imposed on Sex Education in Public Schools

(Newton, NJ) The members of Sussex County’s Board of Chosen Freeholders unanimously opposed via a resolution the State Board of Education’s revised sex education standards during their meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

The Freeholder resolution emphasized the role of a child’s parents or guardians, even after a child begins receiving formal education outside of their home, in providing valuable support and guidance in a child’s education.

The resolution stated the revised standards, adopted by New Jersey’s Department of Education on June 3, interfere with a parent’s rights to teach their own children “about these sensitive matters in a manner that comports with their core family values and beliefs.” The resolution cited the standards promote “age-inappropriate sexual content which usurps a parent’s ability to determine whether a child is emotionally and intellectually prepared for instruction in sex education.”

What Changed: New Jersey’s Department of Education (Passed 8

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