COVID-19 deaths, frayed safety net reflect systemic problems, not just presidential failures

“One step away” from being jobless/bankrupt/homeless/dead: You would have heard this phrase quite a bit and may have experienced this in your own life. It’s like in a commercial, where the sly fine print is the story rather than the commercial, per se. That “fine print” in a way defines America, where the social, economic, and health care framework is woven with the most vulnerable fabric, such that even a minor deviation or distortion in the fabric can derail the framework and bring the country to its knees. Just like how some patients (over)respond to COVID-19, any slight deviation in environmental, financial, health care determinants brings about a rather disastrous reaction in the country. It’s like watching a never-ending sitcom of “Newton’s laws gone wild.” The recent pandemic is just another symptom/outcome of this vulnerability in the fabric, where the prevalent comorbidities among the populace, prevailing socioeconomic distresses and human

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