Meet wellness columist Cynthia Fowler

From the age of 17 I was sneaking out of the house at late hours of the night to walk to the 24-hour gym near my house in Tampa, Florida, and work out.

I did not have the slightest idea how to exercise at the time, but I knew that I wanted to be healthy.

Just a couple years later I was running half marathons, mountain biking, and swimming laps at 6 a.m. four times a week. I was drawn to just about everything related to fitness.

I volunteered at health and fitness conventions to receive training and education at a discount, which led to my teaching indoor cycling classes. At 22 I became a certified fitness professional with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and majored in sports management at the University of California. I’ve now been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for almost nine years.


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