Middletown cops: Woman stole health center flowers to ‘spread love’

MIDDLETOWN — A 46-year-old city woman was arrested Monday morning after allegedly taking $600 worth of flowers from the grounds of a local health provider.

Nur Moebius-Fitzpatrick of Green Street is charged with fifth-degree larceny after police investigated a complaint from the Community Health Center on Grand Street about someone stealing a number of chrysanthemums from the garden over the weekend.

When authorities examined surveillance video, they identified Moebius-Fitzpatrick, the report indicated.

CHC personnel told officers that it would cost $600 for landscapers to replace the flowers, because they would

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Health Benefits of Calendula Tea, Oil and Flowers

Calendula tea is a remedy for a sore throat; in the event of a sore throat, you can gargle calendula tea three times a day to relieve the pain. Calendula is useful on sore throats because of its ability to reduce the swelling and the pain.

Calendula is used to alleviate acne; washing your face every night with calendula tea, helps relieve acne. Acne occurs as a result of swelling of the sebaceous gland due to bacterial infection. Calendula tea has active anti-inflammatory agents that reduce the swelling and powerful antibacterial compounds that kill the bacteria.

Calendula tea alleviates blisters in the mouth or inflamed gums; either bacteria or virus may cause these conditions. The anti-bacterial and antiviral activities of the calendula tea will heal the sores. Moreover, the ant swelling properties reduces the swelling of the gums.

Calendula oil has wound healing properties. It speeds up the process of … Read More