The potential flaw in Democrats’ plan to make this Supreme Court fight all about health care

But they’re wielding health care to try to get people to the polls anyway, as a sort of protest vote.

Which raises the question: What are they going to do if and when they come into power? There are a number of governing changes some in their party are pushing. But the party hasn’t coalesced around anything. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has so far been unwilling to entertain major changes to the court, such as filling it with more justices, that could shift the court to the left. Plus, any of those changes would come well after the court decides what to do on Obamacare.

Which means Democrats are left with a message like this: Vote Democrat in 2020, and we’ll lose this vacancy battle and may still lose Obamacare at the hands of the Supreme Court. But at least we’ll have sent Republicans a message.

“The American public will

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