Fixing American Health Care: Solutions, Instead Of Rhetoric!

Although, politically controversial, the American health care system, should, and must be improved, in terms of both, pricing, as well as effectiveness/ delivery! When the Affordable Care Act, was finally signed into law, by President Obama, in 2010, because, there were far too many uninsured, and/ or, under – insured Americans. However, perhaps because of the realities of politics, this legislation was flawed, and, although, costs may not have gone up, as much as they might have, otherwise, they have seemed to spiral, upward. Instead of addressing the flaws, the Republican legislators, focused on them, for apparent, political advantage. Instead of tweaking it, or introducing ideas, to make it better, and less expensive, they merely, tried to repeal it, but with nothing, better, or viable, to improve and enhance it! When Donald Trump was elected, President, in November 2016, one of his campaign promises, was, he would immediately, repeal and … Read More