Confusion about Trump’s COVID-19 infection fits a long pattern of skimpy info about presidential health

Even Jimmy Carter’s staff, in 1978, initially sought to keep his hemorrhoid pain from the public.

“While there have been a few rare exceptions, such as Dwight Eisenhower’s transparency regarding his heart disease, the historical norm has been less than full disclosure,” said Dr. Jacob Appel, a Mt. Sinai School of Medicine psychiatrist who has studied the health of politicians and presidents.

The revelation early Friday morning that Trump had been diagnosed with COVID-19 comes after years of obfuscation about the 74-year-old’s health, and many worry the public will continue to be left in the dark about his condition.

“The truth is that nobody other than the president, his physicians, and those in his inner circle know the full truth,” Appel said. “If history is any guide, we will not know the extent and details of President Trump’s illness until long after he has left office.”

Those concerns increased on

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