Vitality Launches First-of-its-kind Health and Wellness Marketplace for Employers

CHICAGO, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Employers face a growing number of health and economic concerns including: the pandemic, rising costs of employee benefits, and meeting the needs of a multi-generational workforce where many will continue to work outside of the workplace environment for the foreseeable future. To help employers address these evolving challenges Vitality Group, a global health and wellness company committed to making people healthier, unveiled Vitality Gateway Flex a new way of boosting health and wellness engagement by offering more relevant choices to employees to meet their specific needs.

“As employees continue to work outside of the traditional workplace, it’s critical that employers engage them in smarter ways to manage their health and wellness,” said Tal Gilbert, CEO, Vitality USA. “Gateway Flex intuitively identifies the programs and partners that will have the greatest impact on the health of a member, and through behavioral engagement

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O2 Industries and Georges St-Pierre Partner to Develop First-of-its-Kind Fitness Respirator

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–O2 Industries (the Company), a leading manufacturer of reusable respirators since 2014, today announces its partnership with former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Georges St-Pierre, to develop a fitness respirator. The partnership news follows the Company’s recent announcement that it has been selected as the official respirator partner of the UFC.

“O2’s partnership with Georges St-Pierre, considered one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, will allow us to build, test and deliver a category-leading fitness respirator that allows active people to train and compete safely and comfortably,” said Peter Whitby, CEO of O2 Industries. “As environmental stressors like viruses and pollution continue to increase globally, we are committed to building solutions that help people perform their best, no matter what they’re doing.”

O2’s engineering team is designing the mask to provide defence from airborne particles, viruses, dust, mold and bacteria. The fitness mask will

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Coronavirus crisis triggered global mental health crisis for women, first-of-its-kind study finds

Coronavirus has unleashed a mental health crisis for women around the world, a first-of-its-kind study has found.

Women were almost three times more likely to say their mental health has worsened in the wake of the pandemic, researchers found.

Care International, a leading global humanitarian agency which polled 10,000 people in 40 countries about the repercussions of the public health crisis, found 27 per cent of women reported an increase in problems linked to mental illness, in comparison to only ten per cent of men.

Women cited concerns around maintaining income, struggles to eat and access healthcare and increased caring responsibilities as driving deteriorating mental health.

Researchers found 55 per cent of women reported income loss as one of the biggest effects of the Covid-19 emergency, compared to 34 per cent of men.

Some 41 per cent of women said they have not had enough food in the

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