Your Good Health: Dietary fibre more beneficial than psyllium

dr_keith_roach_with_bkg.jpgDear Dr. Roach: I’m 35, and have newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes. My hemoglobin A1C went down from 7% to 6.6% on metformin, and my doctor just added Januvia. My cholesterol level is also a bit elevated, and I would like to get my cholesterol and triglycerides down a bit. I am taking Crestor.


My question is about the role of fibre supplementation. I know fibre can be helpful both in regulating glucose and also improving cholesterol. What type or amount of fibre supplement do you recommend for this purpose? Of course, I’ll add more oats to my diet, too.


Consuming high amounts of dietary fibre is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, colon cancer, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and overall death. Increasing dietary fibre led to a reduced risk of heart disease and death in people who just had a heart attack. In people with existing

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