Feng Shui and Health: Could the Sun Be a Natural Fountain of Youth?

Traditional Feng Shui is about learning to live in harmony with our natural environment. Feng Shui pays close attention to solar and lunar cycles, our first calendars — and how the sun and moon affect us. The Chinese relate the sun to masculine, yang activity and we know that vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is manufactured in the skin and processed in the body like a steroid hormone — increasing muscle strength and energy. Both athletes and body builders know and use this knowledge. We rise when the sun rises, stimulated by its light. We absorb stimulating positive ions from the sun – and also absorb healing negative ions from the earth when we go barefoot. The Sun is a vital source of life and works together with the Earth for our natural well being. As a Feng Shui consultant and licensed esthetician, I was particularly interested in the results … Read More