Health systems seek out patient feedback to improve telehealth platform

The pressure is on for health systems to create digital experiences patients will enjoy or risk losing out on revenue. In the digital age, consumers have high expectations of what these platforms should be like. “Systems are no longer just competing with other health systems in their region, they are competing with the experiences people have in their daily lives from other brands—that is the bar,” Kalis said. “When those experiences are cumbersome, that can lead to choosing one provider over another … and in the most extreme case, even switching providers.”

Telehealth’s increased popularity has prompted Stanford Health Care to totally rethink how it is assessing patients’ experience with the platform. The California system now does about 62,000 telehealth visits a month, up from about a 1,000 a month before COVID-19.

Now that volumes have stabilized and are staying strong, Alpa Vyas, vice president for patient experience at Stanford,

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Aliso Canyon Health Study Seeks Community Feedback

PORTER RANCH, CA — The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is seeking public feedback on health concerns related to the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak. The suggestions and testimony will inform a $25 million Aliso Canyon Health Research study on the effects of the 2015 disaster, and participants can have their questions answered by Public Health leadership and the team conducting the study.

The Virtual Town Hall will take place Wednesday night at 6 p.m. and can be joined through either Webex or by phone. Visit here for more information on how to call in. Questions can be submitted in advance to [email protected]

The Aliso Canyon well blowout on Oct. 23, 2015 was the largest uncontrolled release from a natural gas storage facility in U.S. history. An estimated 109,000 metric tonnes of methane and 7,300 tonnes of ethane were released into the air due a leak in a well

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