First FDA Approved Penis Extender – Argued to Increase Penis Size By 1.5 Inches in 6 Months

Recently, the F.D.A., the Food and Drugs Administration in the U.S approved the very first penis extender, which has its roots in Europe, where it has been on the market for the last ten years, originating in Germany before branching out.

Unlike most of the devices you see on the market which use certain types of frames which sit at the base of the shaft, extending along it and securing the head in a rubber strap, this device is completely different.

Argued to be much easier and simpler to wear than the frames, which many believe do little if nothing to the size of your manhood, only leaving you with an empty wallet, this device is half the price as some extenders and is now medically proven in the U.S to produce tangible results – hence F.D.A approval.

Placed around the base of the shaft, the vacuum protector sits there … Read More