Fifth of people experiencing mental health issues due to coronavirus, major new survey shows

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

A fifth of people have reported experiencing mental health issues and a third of people are feeling isolated because of the coronavirus pandemic, a major new survey shows.

A total of 25% of women who took part in the research reported mental health issues compared to 15% of men.

The survey, run by the University of Exeter and ORB International among 5,000 people living in England, also shows coronavirus may be deepening some social inequalities.

A total of 8% of those involved in the research said they were finding it more difficult to pay their mortgage or rent, and 13% were now experiencing problems in balancing their weekly budget. Ten percent had lost their job or job security, and 9% said their business or workplace had failed or was struggling.

People who voted Remain in the EU referendum who took part in the survey more likely

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