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High-intensity exercise has no effect on mortality rate in older populations, study suggests

High-intensity exercise does not appear to add to risk of mortality among older adults, a new study has found.


The research, which was published in The BMJ medical journal on Wednesday, found that HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and MICT (moderate-intensity continuous training) for those aged 70-77 showed no increase in the risk of mortality compared to recommended daily activity.


”This study suggests that combined MICT and HIIT has no effect on all-cause mortality compared with recommended physical activity levels,” the study authors from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Norway, Newsgram reported.

Participants were splits into a control group, HIIT group and MICT group.

Participants were splits into a control group, HIIT group and MICT group.


The research followed a

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Prime Day Golf, Fitness & Sports Deals 2020: Early Treadmill, Exercise Bike, Nike & Adidas Apparel, Golf & Gym Equipment Sales Identified by Save Bubble

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amazon Prime Day 2020 researchers at Save Bubble have shared the latest early sports and fitness deals for Amazon Prime Day 2020, featuring deals on golf apparel and equipment, stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, running shoes, sportswear and more. Check out the full range of deals in the list below.

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Prime Day gives shoppers an exciting opportunity to take advantage of a huge number of deals across Amazon’s broad range of products.

Not yet an Amazon Prime member? Start

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Exercise for Brain Health | Benefits of Exercise for Brain

While exercising on a regular basis brings along physical benefits, like building muscle, many of us can relate to working out so we can clear our minds and boost our moods. As it turns out, that’s not all our long runs, speedwork, strength training, and yoga sessions can do for our brains.

All of the ways we stay in shape can also improve our memories, intelligence, and ability to process information, and decrease our risk for general dementia and Alzheimer’s later in life.

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We rounded up the most relevant scientific research about how your favorite ways to exercise also have some serious advantages for your noggin, below.

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🧠 Cardio Benefits

Whether you’ve been running for years or just

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Your Good Health: Moderate exercise helps build stamina

dr_keith_roach_with_bkg.jpgDear Dr. Roach: I’m overweight, with some physical mobility and fatigue issues because of autoimmune-related inflammatory arthritis.

Some days, I can get about a block at a fairly brisk pace but I have to stop for a few minutes because of the pain in my legs, pelvis and back or I will fall down. Other days, I can get two or three blocks at a brisker than usual pace without needing to stop.

When it comes to burning calories, is it better for me to walk slower and take less breaks or to walk faster and take more breaks to get my pain under control? Must I reach a certain heart rate and keep it there for a certain period of time in order to being doing anything meaningful for weight loss?

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic restrictions, walking around is the only kind of exercise I’m able to do

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Watch out for strains, sprains when starting up exercise again

NE11/15/07 4Vicki ML0407A Yale field hockey player and freshman Vicki Gordon left gets her sprained ankle taped by athletic trainer Kelly Copperthite before practice. Photo by Mara Lavitt

NE11/15/07 4Vicki ML0407A Yale field hockey player and freshman Vicki Gordon left gets her sprained ankle taped by athletic trainer Kelly Copperthite before practice. Photo by Mara Lavitt

Now that the weather is starting to cool down, more people are looking to go outside and get some exercise, optimistically trying to shed a few pounds before the holidays get here. Unfortunately, since the majority of the population has been in quarantine for the last several months getting their money’s worth from their chosen streaming service and snacking frequently, physical activity has been mostly an afterthought until now. Restarting exercise out of the blue like this can put someone at an increased risk of injuries.

Two of the more common terms people say when they hurt themselves from restarting activity are, “I pulled a muscle,” and “I twisted my ankle.” These are two different types of injuries. Pulling a muscle, in

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2 Your Health: Exercise benefits women fighting breast cancer, study says

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – There’s good news when it comes to exercise and breast cancer.

Recent research shows working out benefits women fighting the disease.

It turns out, being more active could greatly reduce the chances of the cancer coming back.

“The magnitude of the benefits seen with increased activity was quite substantial,” said Thomas Budd, MD, of Cleveland Clinic, who was one of the study authors.

“Somewhere 40-to-50% chance of reducing the relative risk of the cancer coming back and even greater degrees in reduction in death.”

More than 1,000 patients took part in the study.

He said while it’s known that exercising can be beneficial, researchers wanted to collect more evidence about how it could impact someone both before and after their cancer diagnosis.

He notes that researchers learned that doing something as simple as walking for a half hour each day made a big difference.

Of course,

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Opinion | The medical briefing on Trump’s health was an insulting exercise in obfuscation

White House physician Sean Conley volunteered that the president was not on supplemental oxygen at the time of the news conference and that day, but repeatedly evaded questions about whether Trump had been on oxygen since he became ill.

This kind of too-clever-by-half, rosy-scenario briefing neither reflects well on Conley nor serves the public interest — especially when Conley’s happy talk was contradicted in short order by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who said Trump went through a “very concerning” period Friday and is “still not on a clear path yet to a full recovery.”

There was also no accounting of test results. Another physician cited cardiac, kidney and liver tests as being normal, and Conley referred to the president as having received “ultrasounds.” For covid-19, a respiratory disease, it’s inconceivable that lung studies of X-rays or CT scans weren’t conducted. What did they show? Without a full

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13-year-old holds exercise class to benefit kids’ mental health

As 13-year-old Sadie Feingold prepared for her bat mitzvah project this year, she had one goal in mind: to stop the stigma.

The eighth-grader from Port Washington knew she wanted to focus on mental health for her community service project ahead of her bat mitzvah, or Jewish coming-of-age ceremony. She wanted to encourage kids and teens to talk about mental health struggles and help normalize it.

She said she was inspired to focus on this topic because of her own previous struggles with mental health.

“The whole point was to raise awareness to it and normalize it,” Sadie said.

So after doing some research with her mom about the connection between exercise and children’s mental health, they came up with a plan: She would host an exercise class at their synagogue for local teens and families, and raise money to support the North Shore Child and Family Guidance Center in

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11 virtual fitness companies vying to compete with Peloton’s winning membership model and cash in on the at-home exercise boom

  • On-demand and virtual fitness has never been more popular, as the pandemic drastically changes the way Americans stay fit. 
  • While Peloton continues to dominate the at-home fitness market, several digital fitness programs — both new and existing — are looking to cash in on the on-demand exercise boom. 
  • We took a closer look at 11 of the most popular virtual fitness membership programs. 
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.


Gone are the days of traditional gym memberships, as Americans enter the era of the virtual, at-home fitness movement buoyed by the pandemic.

On-demand fitness platforms have never been so popular, nor so ubiquitous. Though digital fitness has been on the rise in recent years, the coronavirus outbreak has put fledgling virtual companies on the map while prompting the rise of a slew of new platforms designed to help Americans stay fit while cooped up at home. 

These programs vary

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