COMMENT || If we want a better health system we have to champion reform, not oppose it | The Examiner

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More and more it seems to be an accepted truth in Tasmania that our health system is, well, buggered. Our politicians even agree; though they moderate their language depending on what level of responsibility they have at the time. When in government they’ll say our hospitals are under pressure from growing demand due to our ageing population and rising health costs, while in opposition it’s a crisis and it’s all the other side’s fault. The big problem with this never-ending blame game is we rarely point the finger where we should – in the mirror. This is not about preventative health, although, let’s be honest, much of the workload we inflict on our hospitals is due to our “lifestyle choices” – eating too much of the wrong foods, failing to exercise regularly and so on. What is really at the heart of our troubled health system is the

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