Future Gold Coast: Bulletin series looks at challenges facing tourism, health, education, real estate, manufacturing and entertainment

THE Gold Coast Bulletin is launching the next instalment in its Future Gold Coast series, bringing the city’s leaders together to capitalise on opportunities for the Gold Coast in a post-COVID era.

Future Gold Coast (Reset) will look at the challenges and opportunities across a range of sectors, including tourism, health, education, real estate, manufacturing and entertainment.

The series follows the highly successful Future Gold Coast event last year which examined what the Gold Coast needed to position itself for 2030.


Bulletin Editor Rachel Hancock speaks at last year’s Future Gold Coast event. Picture: Mike Batterham.
media_cameraBulletin Editor Rachel Hancock speaks at last year’s Future Gold Coast event. Picture: Mike Batterham.


Bulletin editor Rachel Hancock said the campaign would focus on the Gold Coast now, and the many opportunities that had arisen since the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“No doubt the pandemic has hit the

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Can You Afford Effective Estate Planning?

“Can I Afford Effective Estate Planning?”

That’s Really Not the Right Question.

What you should be asking yourself is: “Can I Afford Not to Do It?”

You may be asking yourself whether you can really afford to do the effective estate planning that you know needs to be done. That’s not the question to ask. The real question is whether you and your family can afford to be without the protection and security that the right planning provides.

Would you drive without car insurance? How would you feel without the protection that liability and property coverage offers??

Would you leave your home uninsured?

Would you go without health insurance, knowing that any major medical bills could wipe you out?

In the case of the car, home, and health insurance, you’re protecting against the possibility of something happening. If an insured event occurs, then your insurance will cover you, and the … Read More

New York Passed and Then Repealed Medicaid Expanded Estate Recovery: A Recap

What is “estate recovery”?

When a Medicaid-recipient dies, Medicaid may seek reimbursement from his or her estate for the benefits paid on his or her behalf. This is known as “estate recovery”. Each state has rules detailing how, and to what extent, such recovery is possible.

Historically, NY limited estate recovery to probate assets

Until 2011, New York limited such recovery to the Medicaid-recipient’s probate assets — i.e., only those assets titled solely in the Medicaid-recipient’s own name. Other assets — including assets held jointly with another person, a “life estate” reserved in a deed, and assets held in revocable and irrevocable trusts — were excluded from estate recovery.

New rules and regulations expanded estate recovery

On April 1, 2011, New York enacted “expanded” estate recovery rules[1]. These new rules were made subject to regulations that were to be enacted by the New York State Department of Health, and on … Read More