Enhancing Early, Accurate Diagnosis for Better Health Outcomes

Medical diagnosis used to be simpler, or so it seemed. We thought there were fewer diseases and fewer treatment options. Greater mortality was just a fact of life. Today, there are nearly 70,000┬╣ known diseases, a few thousand drugs to treat them, and literally millions of possible combinations.

While physicians do a great job of diagnosing illness and prescribing the right treatment, they are not perfect. Statistically speaking, every person will experience a diagnostic error at least once,┬▓ sometimes with grave consequences for both the patient and the physician┬│.

Doctors are now using the power of AI, 3D modeling, predictive analytics, and remote reading in concert with patients to help them become better, more empowered healthcare allies. Smarter technology can help ensure fewer errors, more pinpoint therapies, better diagnosis, and improved outcomes from procedures.

While AI in medicine conjures images of a science fiction future, it is already helping doctors

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Dangerous Facts About Performance Enhancing Drugs

Performance enhancing drugs, as the name suggests, are typical drugs that can be taken for increasing one’s performance. These drugs are basically steroids taken by athletes and sportsperson who are genuine professionals. Also, certain other hormonal drugs, including human growth hormone stimulants might also be regarded as performance enhancing drugs.

These enhancers were first used by the Greeks in the ancient past and were ingested by participants of sporting events. But these drugs have however been recognized as a threat and since the 20th century, certain technologies have been developed for testing and screening athletes on a regular basis to find the presence of such drugs in their blood stream. These enhancers have been banned since then.

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