Public Health talks other COVID-19 testing options following temporary Alliant Energy Center site closure, slowdown

MADISON, Wis. – Following a temporary closure and slowdown at the Alliant Energy Center’s COVID-19 testing site Tuesday afternoon, Public Health Madison & Dane County recommended other options for those seeking tests that day.

In general, the health agency is asking people to consider the time, place and reason they’re getting tested.

“A lot of people do think the Alliant Energy Center is the first place to get tested,” Director of Testing Ken Van Horn said. “We always know that the first day of the week is a busy day, then today we had the added complication of our electronic registration system just didn’t work for about the first hour we were here today, and that caused a pretty big backup.”

PHMDC staff had to use a backup paper registration system

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Safely Meeting Demand for Renewable Energy with Innovative Material Design for Health and Sustainability – UB Sustainability

In 2017, the Department of Materials Design and Innovation at the University of Buffalo, Clean Production Action, and Niagara Share created the Collaboratory for a Regenerative Environment (CoRE). CoRE brings together academic experts in materials design with entrepreneurial nonprofit organizations to accelerate clean production and sustainable materials in the renewable energy economy. Our innovative collaborations and data-driven tools enable business, government, and nonprofit leaders to identify and select inherently safer chemicals and sustainable materials for a healthy renewable energy economy. Over the past three years, CoRE has focused on the solar energy sector and its supply chainss.

Currently lacking: A proactive, systemic approach

Many renewable energy industries, including solar energy, depend on hazardous chemicals and novel materials to reduce costs and optimize efficiencies. However, some of these chemistries are unsafe for the environment and human health.  For example, solar energy technologies rely on toxic chemicals, such as lead in solar

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Here’s why the wait time to get a COVID test at the Alliant Energy Center Tuesday took so long

Public Health officials do not anticipate the long wait should happen again

MADISON, Wis. — Public Health officials are saying that the long lines and two to three hour wait time to get a COVID test at the Alliant Energy Center Tuesday was an anomaly.

Testing site director Ken Van Horn said there were more COVID tests administered Tuesday in an eight hour period than anywhere in the state of Wisconsin to date. He said the sudden increase in demand was a result of several factors.

“Yesterday we had unprecedented demand and we ended up testing 3,150 people in eight hours. Yesterday was the first day of our new hours. We weren’t open on Monday for the first time since May 11,” Van Horn said.

At the end of the day,

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Hess cares about health care, energy

I am supporting Kalie Hess in Senate District 15 because we need representation by someone who is smart, energetic, young, and who cares about issues like health care and renewable energy.

She has been a leader in improving access to dental care, especially for young children. She is a strong proponent of solar energy and direct metering, which has been a driving force for residential solar energy in Maine. In fact, she has been endorsed by Maine Conservation Voters, Maine Youth for Climate Justice and the Sierra Club.

She and her family are proponents of community supported agriculture, one of the best ways to provide healthy food in our communities.

Please join me in voting for Kalie Hess Nov. 3.

Denis Thoet

Use the form below to reset your password. When you’ve submitted your account email, we

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Congress hopeful Charlie Winn talks energy, health care and valuing conservative views

Charlie Winn is the Republican candidate for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District in 2020.
Photo from Charlie Winn

FRISCO — Dr. Charlie Winn is hoping to provide area residents with a new point of view based on his years of experience living around the world, and serving as a Navy doctor and longtime physician.

Winn is running for incumbent Democrat Joe Neguse’s seat in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District, encompassing much of the north-central part of the state including Summit, Grand, Clear Creek, Gilpin, Larimer and Broomfield counties as well as parts of Boulder, Eagle, Jefferson, Park and Weld counties.

Winn, a Republican, will seek to unseat incumbent Neguse, who was elected to his first term in the position in 2018. But first, he says residents and politicians will have to rise above their partisan biases and work together to bring meaningful changes to Washington.

Bridging a national divide

In a district

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You Need Good Health to Feel the Excitement and Joy of Your Natural Energy

I was walking my dog today after a storm had cleared out. It was near sunset and the remaining fluffy white clouds were starting to take on color. I felt the joy of what the evening offered and had fun walking and throwing Marty his ball. I felt the excitement and joy of his natural energy, thus making me feel the life coming back into me – the joy – the energy to enjoy what remains.

Good health is crucial in enjoying what Mother Nature throws you. To walk, to hike, to run through the woods, on trails, to the neighbors is a joy reserved for those who can.

But how can you enjoy it if you don’t have good health. A healthy body is crucial to having a good quality of life. And good health is critical for the more serious challenges in life. You need to be able … Read More

How To Enjoy Better Health, High Energy Levels And Longevity

I know several old people on both my father mother’s side of the family who have enjoyed good health and lived for lengthy periods of time. Some are still alive even to this day. The oldest died in her sleep in the year 2010, a day after her hundredth birthday party. She died with her mental faculties still relatively sharp. Though her memory was not as sharp as a youngster, with a little prodding, she could recollect people’s names and events. She was a source of fascinating history about what our country looked liked politically and socially at the turn of the twentieth century. I tried to find out why many of them lived so long. It was difficult to pinpoint one aspect of their lives that could explain their good health and longevity.

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Global Demand Is Surging for Renewable Energy

Health care. That’s the market that’s going to explode.

When I first started working in the financial industry a couple decades ago, that was the refrain I heard constantly.

All eyes were on the baby boomers. Numbering nearly 75 million, there were growing worries about their increased health needs.

We would need more doctors. More nurses. More physical therapists. More home health aides. More personal care aides.

And they were right.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that job growth for home health aides will swell by 46.7% from 2016 through 2026. Jobs for personal care aides are forecast to grow 37.4% during that same time frame.

But there is one industry that is growing even faster, creating even more job opportunities. And more opportunities to profit…

Renewable Energy: The Booming Industry

Whether you believe that climate change is an important issue or a complete hoax, the fact remains … Read More