One Enduring Legacy of the Clean Power Plan: Lung Health

The global COVID-19 outbreak has raised awareness about the link between air pollution and lung health. In that context, a more aggressive federal policy on clean power would provide U.S. business with a platform for promoting their contributions to public health, in addition to supporting global decarbonization and green job creation. Nevertheless, the Trump administration continues to undercut the bottom-line case for clean power, by replacing the Obama-era Clean Power Plan with far less ambitious goals under the new Affordable Clean Energy rule.

The economic impact of the Clean Power Plan

The Obama administration launched the Clean Power Plan in 2015, based on the premise that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has the power to regulate carbon emissions from power plants under its Clear Air Act authority.

Rather than establishing new, one-size-fits-all restrictions on carbon output, the plan outlined a flexible approach. In concert with new EPA standards for carbon

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3 Health Care ETFs Where Components Are Enduring Downgrades

After setting scintillating paces earlier this thanks to the race to develop a coronavirus vaccine, some health care exchange-traded funds are languishing.


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What Happened: It could be a case of election year jitters, frustrations over the vaccine timeline or both, but plenty of health care ETFs, particularly those emphasizing biotechnology and pharmaceuticals equities, are retreating.


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Wall Street isn’t taking the declines sitting down. In fact, a spate of recent downgrades by sell-side analysts are adding fuel to the fire.

“The area where analysts do seem to be worried–somewhat surprisingly given the race for a COVID vaccine–is on shares of Health Care stocks, particularly in the Biotech industry, according to the ETF Research Center (ETFRC).

Why It’s Important: ETFRC notes that of the 10 ETFs most afflicted by declines in sell-side ratings, six are health care funds, one of which is the Invesco

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