WH Live+ | Fitness Communities That Empower Women

Remember dripping sweat in a dark yoga studio filled with the smells, sounds —and most importantly, energy—of 10+ other yogis powering through one last flow? What about the buzz in the lobby after your favorite fitness class, with a chorus of “that kicked my ass” and “I need the playlist from that class” commentary?

There’s something to be said about the connection that’s built among a group of mostly strangers who move together—whether it’s the women running on the treadmills beside you, hiking the same trail, or learning choreography in a dance class. A community built around fitness has always been important—but arguably even more so today—to allow us to continue to feel that powerful sense of togetherness, even as we move our bodies separately in our safe, socially-distant environments.

This idea of strong women learning from and empowering one another is central to Athleta’s Power of She initiative,

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