Emails Show How Pesticide Industry Influenced U.S. Position in Health Talks

Several food-safety and health advocates who have been participating in the antimicrobial task force over the past four years said the agency had never directly solicited their input, nor given them the chance to modify the government’s official position. They also noted that Washington’s efforts to keep antifungal drugs out of the task force’s documents stand in contrast to federal policies aimed at monitoring the potential impacts those drugs have on human health.

“What the U.S. essentially wants is weak international standards because that makes it easier for American companies to export these pesticides,” said Steven Roach, a senior analyst for Keep Antibiotics Working, a coalition of consumer and environmental groups seeking to combat the inappropriate use of antimicrobial drugs in the food supply. “It’s bad for the world, but it’s bad for the U.S. because so much of our food comes from overseas.”

In its statement, the agriculture department

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Threats and invective hurled at health director who sought to postpone Trump’s Tulsa rally, emails show

“You’re doing a fabulous job,” Freeman wrote back. “Be strong (as will I).”

With the novel coronavirus raging, Trump has now restarted campaign rallies, bringing fresh controversy to new communities. Earlier this month, thousands of people, many without masks, crowded into an indoor manufacturing facility in Nevada to hear the president speak, defying a state directive to limit gatherings to 50 people. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) called Trump’s actions “shameful, dangerous, and irresponsible.” The director of the state’s coronavirus response predicted a spike in cases because of the campaign event.

Tulsa’s experiences before and after the Trump rally show the difficulty that many communities face in balancing the desire to protect residents from the pandemic while catering to a president and Republican Party that have consistently cast doubt on and flouted health recommendations. Dart, a medical doctor and public health expert who has spent his career working for local

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