VP Pence points to elusive health care plan, pretends it’s real

Vice President Mike Pence had plenty to say at this week’s debate against Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), but his comments on health care policy continue to linger for a reason.

“Obamacare was a disaster and the American people remember it well. President Trump and I have plans to improve health care and to protect pre-existing conditions for every American.”

Right off the bat, it’s worth emphasizing that the Affordable Care Act still exists; it’s still working; and it’s still providing health security to tens of millions of American families, so for the vice president to refer to it in the past tense was odd.

It was also notable that Pence said “the American people remember” the ACA well, since the Affordable Care Act’s popularity continues to reach new heights. Indeed, “Obamacare” is more popular than any policy from the Trump/Pence agenda of the last four years.

But what seemed especially

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The Elusive Goals Of Work Team Health And Wellness

For a work team, health and wellness are usually not givens. Many people do not even understand the concepts, let alone ever experience them at work. While some of us are aware that health is the absence of illness, wellness is a much vaguer concept. Some think of it as spiritual, while others see it as mental or physical. In reality, it can be a combination of all three. Being healthy in the mind, body, and soul leads to overall wellness.

In a work setting, health and wellness are often sacrificed in the attempt to achieve corporate goals. People spend countless hours at work, sometimes eating a less than substantial meal at their desks, only to go home for a brief nap before returning to the office. While this may be inevitable every once and a while, it has become a habit for far too many Americans. The result is … Read More