5 elitist food and drink “rules” that need to die now

In one of many roommate situations over the years, I found myself living with two cosmopolitan internationals, both fashionable, elegant, and health-conscious. They believed themselves to be enlightened in several arenas that I was not — one being the “rules” of food and drink. During our time living together, one of them would regularly side-eye my cooking, eating, and drinking habits.

As someone with Milky Way bars and Bugles handy in my night stand, I started thinking I was less cultured than them. It turns out my roommates in that tiny walk-up were just playing out a scenario colonizers have been for centuries. The elite have always consumed things that signify exclusivity and limited access to rare goods to feel superior while lower class groups consume foods that are readily available and cheaper. For example, when the British swept into India, societal habiture follows a pattern.

There’s somewhat of a

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