Healthy skin is more than beauty: It indicates your total health. Part 3: How to best improve the production of your own collagen and elastin.

Silicon is essential to healthy skin, joints, and hair, even though it doesn’t become part of their structure. As discussed in Part 1 with silicon expert Richard Passwater, Jr., silicon activates the genes and enzymes needed to produce key components of skin, joints, and hair. This month, we will take a closer look at this process.

Richard Passwater, Jr.

Rich Passwater, Jr., my elder son, has been involved with silicon supplementation and its research for more than 16 years. He is the education director for the Belgium-based dietary supplement research and dietary supplement production company, Bio Minerals NV.

Richard A. Passwater (RAP): Just how is silicon involved with keeping optimal amounts of collagen in both skin and bones?

Richard Passwater, Jr. (RPJr): The important factor is the activation of the enzymes needed to guide the assembly of amino acids to form your own collagen and other proteins of skin and

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