Trump has COVID-19: More evidence that he’s always put his ego ahead of public health

Did you know that Donald Trump needs to wear reading glasses?

It’s reasonable that you might not know that. The president, who may have both the biggest and most fragile ego on the planet, goes to great pains to hide the fact that, like most people over 70, he can’t read printed text without a little magnification. But there’s proof, in the form of a video deposition in the Trump University fraud case that the folks at Mother Jones got their hands on recently.

To be clear, Mother Jones reporter David Corn takes the high road in his story, focusing on the facts of the case without even mentioning that Trump must put on his glasses to read the legal documents. I am not so noble. It’s just more proof that Trump, who loves to rant in disconcertingly fascistic fashion about his “good genes,” is obsessed with presenting himself as

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