Massachusetts health care system reports uptick in children becoming sick from THC-laced edibles

A Massachusetts health care system said it is seeing an uptick in children becoming sick after ingesting candies, chocolates and gummies containing THC.

South Shore Health, located in Weymouth, said the many of the THC-laced edibles are packaged to look like brand name candies and snacks.

“Over the past few months, South Shore Health’s pediatric emergency department noted an uptick in incidences involving children who have become ill after ingesting products such as candies, chocolates, sours and ‘gummies’ containing THC,” South Shore Health said in a news release. “One case involved gummies which were packaged to look nearly identical to a leading brand of children’s vitamins.”

The health care system said recently one teen was treated after consuming five (600 mg each) fruit-flavored, THC candies.

“Children often can’t tell the difference between a food product laced with THC and one without. Edibles laced with THC, and intended for adult consumption

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