Support and intervention needed to protect wellbeing of health care workers after Ebola outbreak

As we approach a second wave of COVID-19 researchers are looking at what can be learnt from countries affected by the Ebola outbreak in order to better safeguard the mental health of health care workers in the UK and across the globe.

A recent report (link is external) by researchers from the ARISE consortium (link is external) and REDRESS project has outlined some of the psychological challenges faced by health staff in crisis situations, and the importance of early support and intervention to protect mental health and wellbeing.

Psychological support for health workers should be built into the COVID-19 response and subsequent emergency responses, the report published in the British Medical Journal has said.

In Sierra Leone and Liberia COVID-19 is the latest in a range of shocks to the health system which have included war and the Ebola outbreak. Researchers believe

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