Special MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID Class at Health Dept; Friday, May 20th

During this Mental Health Awareness Month, a great opportunity is coming up Friday May 20th at the Vermilion County Health Department.  The Vermilion County Mental Health 708 Board is offering for free, thanks to funding they received, an all day MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID class.

As the 708 Board’s Jim Russell explains, this can help you assist someone in mental distress, just like CPR training lets you help someone in physical distress.  This, Russell says, is CPR for the mind.

AUDIO: We say that Mental Health First Aid is that initial assistance and help that somebody can provide.  Not necessarily a professional, but somebody who’s been trained and taught.  We’ve had grandparents, especially for the youth curriculum, who have taken the course to help be equipped to help their children or grandchildren who might be facing a crisis.

Russell points out that taking this class can not only help you help a friend or help a family member, but completion of this one day class is also a good thing to have on your record and on your resume.  This will be 8:30 to 5 at the Health Department, 200 South College Street, Friday May 20th.  Some openings remain, so call or text Beth Bray Knecht at 217-516-2298.  You can also e-mail her, at [email protected]