"Salt Sugar Fat" – A Review

An epic encapsulation of the tyrannies of the conglomerates of the food industry, this book paints a bleak but realistic picture of the operations of the food industry that is ubiquitous in our daily lives.

The clever science of food nutrition has permeated our lives and determined our habits without us even realizing its power, which is the creepily scary part of it all. How easily consumers are tricked into false notions and myths of health by “vitamin water” or “fruit essence added” is mercilessly, ruthlessly and wholeheartedly exploited by the profit-minded companies. The end motive of achieving higher sales overrides the hypocritical concern of officials for the public’s health.

The three pillars of processed food thrive on one another and can exist in no other way. Aspartame or Splenda can never deliver or replicate the sheer joy that sugar itself brings to the taste buds of eager consumers. The intricate detail and attention as well as level of technological expertise devoted to the manufacturing of salt grains for an optimal crystalline structure is incredibly unbelievable. Sheer intelligence of top-notched food chemists, scientists and engineers are put to fuel the food economy at the expense of the health and life spans of an innocent, unknowing and pitiful public.

Who the ultimate responsibility in choosing food products belongs to is not a question. In a supermarket where almost no non-processed food, or food without unnatural additives can be found, and organic foods are priced unreasonably high, most consumers’ purchasing power may not be enough to afford the truly natural and non-modified foodstuff. Unless the producers themselves overhaul the way of doing things, even a slight dent in the increasing rate of obesity-related deaths is unlikely to occur anytime soon.