Rochester Regional Health Takes its Patient Communication Center to the Cloud with Genesys

Tele-everything powered by Genesys Cloud

The Rochester Regional Health Patient Communication Center manages patient outreach, scheduling, billing, customer service, and nursing across nearly 90 unique facilities serving more than 17,000 employees, medical staff and volunteers. As a result of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, demand for telehealth consultations skyrocketed, with close to 60% of ambulatory visits shifting from face-to-face to telehealth. In addition, medical professionals, patients and contact center agents are now connecting to the system from remote locations.

Rochester Regional Health was considering a full transition to a cloud contact center solution prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the organization hit fast forward after its management team saw how quickly contact center personnel using cloud-based capabilities shifted to remote work with hardly a blip in service continuity.

Prior to moving to Genesys Cloud, Rochester Regional Health was running a hybrid cloud infrastructure combined with an Avaya on-premises solution. Until recently, nearly all of their work was done in office settings. Now, with the majority of their 500-strong contact center team now working from home due to the pandemic, a cloud-based system became a more practical solution to ensure business continuity. Genesys Cloud gives agents the important tools and resources they need, such as screen capture and on-demand video recordings, to work efficiently while delivering top-notch patient service.

Improving healthcare efficiency in critical times

“Once we saw Genesys Cloud’s robust capabilities firsthand and understood how easy it is to extend the platform and integrate third-party applications on our own, we jumped right in,” said Jason Zawodzinski, senior project manager of technical operations for Rochester Regional Health. “With a more than 80% remote workforce now and the majority of our agents likely to remain teleworking in the future, a cloud solution just makes sense.”

Zawodzinski also noted the importance of regular cloud-delivered innovation as a key decision factor. “The ability to access the latest and greatest technology and knowing every week we’re up to date is a huge benefit as we strive to help our employees work as efficiently as possible. In healthcare, doing more with less is pretty commonplace – Genesys Cloud gives us the tools we need to engage with our patients more effectively and make every interaction that much better.”

Genesys Cloud offers several other benefits specifically identified by Rochester Regional Health as critical needs, such as (1) flexible licensing for better on-demand support of sudden bursts of activity; (2) easy integration through APIs with existing third-party systems including its electronic health records and time logging and payroll solutions; and (3) the opportunity to merge additional communication channels such as chat and email with voice support.

Easy to use, packed with functionality

In most cases, Rochester Regional Health’s contact center agents can be ready-to-go with Genesys Cloud after just a couple of hours. There’s little need for manual intervention because of the solution’s intuitive interface and ease of use. The native advanced routing within Genesys Cloud allows the health services organization to expand calls, emails and chats to a wider pool of contact center agents with similar skillsets. In addition, agents can work more efficiently because Genesys Cloud enables them to pause calls when taking patient details, or simultaneously handle multiple chats and emails.

The organization also plans to implement Workforce engagement management capabilities, along with advanced analytics to simplify planning and ensure resources are always in the right place, at the right time — a critical need in life-or-death healthcare situations.

“We knew we could rely on Genesys to help us deliver more personalized patient experiences and manage interactions across every touchpoint. In Genesys, we have a true partner – at every step along the process, they’ve surpassed our expectations,” said Zawodzinski.

Learn more about Rochester Regional Health and Genesys Cloud in the Take a Moment Podcast, “Rochester Regional Health: Enabling Empathetic Patient Experiences Through the Cloud.”

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