Raise Your Vibration For Deliberate Creation

Books, programs, movies and websites abound right now on how to implement the Law of Attraction in your life. Your thoughts and feelings put out energy and this energy attracts events, people and material things into your life. Each and every program, book and movie states that you must increase the vibration or the energy you are putting out to a feeling of joy and happiness so you will attract more joy and happiness into your life. There are many techniques to help students of the Law of Attraction to increase this positive energy. Here is one that is simple, but often overlooked.

Ask yourself this. Is the current state of your health helping to raise your vibration or not?

Just what IS the current state of your health? Are you 10 pounds overweight and flabby in spots you don’t want to be flabby? Do you suffer from stress-related illness such as hypertension and depression? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you have energy and focus? Does it feel great to be you? If the answer to any of these questions is no-then it’s going to be difficult to raise your vibration to one of joy and harmony.

To deliberately create your life, you must first feel you deserve what you are asking for. Obviously, it is easier to feel you deserve good things if you feel good about yourself. Having good health and well-being helps you feel great about yourself.

Your mind, body and spirit are all tied together to make you who you are. In focusing on increasing mind power, the body plays an equal part. If the body is in tip-top shape, it will help you on your quest for peace and joy in your life.

Have you tried every diet around and failed at all of them? How does that make you feel? If you look in the mirror every morning and say an affirmation like “I am fit and healthy. My body is slim and I feel great,” what sort of reflection stares back at you? Saying this type of affirmation while seeing something entirely different reflected back at you can be very depressing, which only lowers your vibration.

Not what you want!

The good news is, simple changes can start you on the road to feeling great about yourself. Many people make the mistake of believing they must totally up-end their lives-join a gym and spend an hour a day there, go on an extreme diet plan or lose 5 pounds a week to feel better about themselves. This is NOT necessary.

Day by day, week by week, small successes will create a new you who DOES feel wonderful in your own body. You don’t have to change overnight. The act of making changes, of being in the process of creating the health you want, will raise your vibrations.

Here is one simple plan:

Purchase a spiral notebook. On the inside cover write “I attract health and well-being into my life with the help of the Universe. I feel better about myself every day.”

Now, think your level of health and fitness. How do you feel? How do you want to feel? What changes would you like to make? At first, choose six easily reachable goals and write them in your notebook. For the next week, resolve to stick with these goals and, at the end of the week, congratulate yourself when you have reached them.

Some simple goals might be:

1. drink 2 cups of antioxidant-rich green tea every day

2. add one fruit and one vegetable to your daily menu

3. look at the foods in your pantry and read the labels-resolve to eat foods with the fewest number of ingredients-which are more whole and natural

4. meditate for 5 minutes each morning or evening

5. walk for 10 minutes each day

6. read one article on health and wellness-if you have a health condition, research it to see what natural remedies you could try

7. Drink more water! Water provides energy and vitality to your body.

8. Next time you eat out – order off the low-fat, low-calorie menu

After the first week, evaluate how you feel. Look at your list and decide which things you want to keep doing. You may hate green tea. It’s all right to scrap that one and add a different goal.

For week two, add two more goals for the week to the ones you’re already doing. It may be losing a pound or adding 5 minutes to your meditation time or your daily walk.

This exercise will help you find good health concepts that work for you and make you feel better. You’ll have a chance to try them out and integrate them into your daily life. The other important part is to congratulate yourself for each goal you achieved! Be proud that you did something to make yourself feel better.

Small changes can make a huge difference in your health and how you feel about yourself and your body. You will discover new ways of living that bring you joy and happiness. Just the success of sticking to your plan, all the while watching the person in the mirror become healthier and fitter, will inspire you to make other, bigger changes.

As for the Law of Attraction and making it work in your life, enjoying better health, having more energy, losing weight, all these things will also raise your vibration.

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